About Us

Since 1996, our water treatment company has been committed to providing Bay Area residents with healthier, better tasting water. When you rely on Blue Planet for your water treatment, water testing, well drilling and pump services, you can be confident that your water is in the hands of the most trusted local water treatment company in the Bay Area.

Our scope of services has grown in the past years. These services include well drilling, CAD designs, purification equipment, construction services, house filtration and pool ozone systems. And of course we supply complete service on everything we sell.

Our well drilling services begin with boring the well, grouting the casing, setting the pump and monitoring the boring. We can provide all the well casing, the submersible pump, motor control box, cable guard, submersible power cable, torque arrestor, sanitary seal, necessary valves, splice boxes, float switches, pressure tanks and pressure gauges for any project. Once the well is complete, we can provide monitoring, which includes evaluating the flow and water chemistry of the well and its suitability for irrigation and/or drinking. Our approach in all water treatment projects is to perform a detailed analysis of the water and the customer's requirements to assess the best approach to solve our customers' needs.

We provide a full line of top quality Water Purification Equipment to meet a variety of customer demands. We offer equipment such as centrifugal sand separators, multi-media sand filters, granular activated carbon filters, ion exchange water softeners, disposable filter housings, Reverse Osmosis systems, neutralizing filters, storage tank ozonators and ultraviolet sterilizers to name a few. We employ a range of technologies to remove contaminants such as ammonia, Chloramines, THM’s (trihalomethanes), lead, perchlorates, pathogens and cysts. We employ these same technologies to reduce alkalinity, lower sodium and remove chlorides in irrigation water. We can also remove boron and chlorides from the water or provide a more favorable pH to enhance your landscaping and reduce unsightly scale on natural stone paving or architectural structures. By applying sound engineering principals and cutting edge technology we provide systems that provide years of trouble free performance and service for any requirement.

Our Construction Services include professional assembly and installation of all components including mechanical, plumbing and electrical. We can provide complete turnkey installation including site preparation, excavation, trenching and permitting as required. We can provide concrete, equipment structures and underground vaults as required. We maintain contractors licenses for all our specialties.

Our exclusive Blue Planet storage and pressure system conveniently stores up to 60 gallons of Reverse Osmosis filtered water and supplies it to a dedicated faucet at the sink, ice maker and other locations in the home where fresh water is desired.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Blue Planet brings a total water commitment to your project. As a local company, we understand your water concerns and offer Complete System Service for each item we sell. If you need only a few gallons a day of fresh water or a complete connection to the community water system, Blue Planet has the experience and expertise to solve your water problems. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss our range of products and services with you.