Water Well Drilling


Wells - As drought fears spread over California, one way to protect your landscaping is to drill a private well. Many home owners in Atherton, Los Altos Hills, Woodside, and other cities have elected to drill their own water source to protect their valuable landscaping investments. We can
provide a turnkey solution from drilling a well to filtering the water to give you peace of mind.

Underground Water Storage and Vaults


Tank and vault Installation - We provide both above ground and underground water storage for optimization of your well. 

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Well Water Treatment Systems



Reverse Osmosis - The ultimate in water filtration, reverse osmosis gives you water in the purest form. Most often coupled with well systems, a top of the line Reverse Osmosis System can fix almost

anything that ails your water source.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems


 Automatic backwashing carbon filter system is specifically designed for applications to remove chlorine, chemicals and pesticides, or for de-chlorination of water supplies. Granular activated carbon or GAC, for short, is very effective at removing a number of contaminants, due to its’ highly absorptive surface area. It is one of the few products that always does some good and adds nothing detrimental to the water. Granular carbon is a very effective at removing chlorine, organics, pesticides, detergents, taste, odor, and is also excellent with sediment removal  

Water Pumps and Well Repair


Blue Planet is a full service, new installation and repair company that delivers quality customer service and reliable well repair. Our equipment has low impact on manicured yards.

Pressure Boosting Systems


 We can easily boost the comfort in your home. With a water booster pump (commercial system shown) we can increase the water pressure in the entire system and all appliances connected to it: Showers, taps, toilets, washing machines, sprinklers, etc.